About Us

Welcome to SBRMC. We are here to offer you health, weight loss, and fitness tips that may seem unconventional or out of the box. Like many of you, we all here are busy trying to balance a job, family, social life, and fitness. We aim to maintain a lean, athletic look through diet and exercise without spending hours in the gym.

What Can We Offer You?

Our primary goal is to filter through the dearth of misinformation and poor recommendation available online. So many sites promote the bodybuilder’s approach to getting in shape. However, do you really want to be big and puffy like a bodybuilder or would you rather be lean and defined like a Hollywood actor/actress or Abercrombie model? We’ll offer our experiences with the health and fitness approach and then show you the method most of us here using now to reach levels of body fat we haven’t seen since high school, when we exercised hours on end.

If you’re looking to become a bodybuilder, we suggest you move on. This site is targeted for the busy individual who needs some straight advice about how to lose fat, get ripped, and look great.

Why Listen to Us?

Since most of our experts here started exercising 15 years ago, they’ve tried all sorts of approaches to exercising. It wasn’t until recently that we found the best approach to getting lean without spending hours in the gym.

We are physical trainers, dietitians, and doctors, who allows us to keep an open mind about unconventional approaches. We also know how challenging it is to get in shape when you have other commitments stretching your free time.

More importantly, one thing most of the experts do better than anyone is sort through information and extract the key takeaways. After literally years of searching for diet and exercise tips, we’ve finally found what is, in our opinion, the best advice around to get lean and muscular.

Consider us your information filter and human test subject. All we would like to do is save you the time it took us to find the answers to getting fit without dedicating your life to obsessive compulsive eating and exercise. Trust us; we know from personal experience that you don’t want to go there.

Aside from passing along what knowledge we can, we look forward to hearing your feedback along the way. We truly believe that we can learn from each other’s experiences. We are confident that the health tips we are offering will give you a healthier body and look, whether you have 20+lbs or 5lbs of stubborn fat to lose. Let’s work together to get you in the best shape of your life, without dedicating your life to working out.