How To Get Rid Of A Headache Without Medicine

Cure Headache

Having a headache can affect you negatively. You might not focus on what you are doing. Also, it can drain your moods, which can lead to depression.

Even though a headache can cause discomfort in the body, it isn’t a must to take medication when you have one.

On the contrary, you can quickly treat a headache without any prescribed medicine.

Get Rid of A Headache Quickly Without Any Medicine

Here is how to get rid of a headache without medicine.

Eat An Apple

You might think that an apple is just another fruit, but it can work as one of the home remedies to relieve a headache. An apple can help to get rid of or alleviate a headache, thanks to its ability to restore the acidic and alkaline balance in the body.

With this mechanism, you can use an apple to limit or eliminate the pain in the head.

Also, the green apple aroma can help to relieve a headache. So, when you have a slight headache, you can have one green apple and prevent the pain from getting worse.

Take Some Nuts

You can have some nuts to help you cut down the pain in the head. Instead of taking some pills when you have a headache, you can choose to go for some almonds.

If you are experiencing the regular headaches that are mostly caused by tension, almonds can help solve that. This will help you stay healthy and treat the headache as well.

The almonds act as pain relievers since they contain salicin, a common agent used in pain killers.


Another way of how to get rid of a headache is by doing yoga. This activity is dedicated to the mind, and it helps to stretch the muscles as well.

Since several headaches are caused by the buildup of tension in the body, yoga helps to release the tension and keep you relaxed.

When you stretch out during yoga, the tension is released, and you can limit or eliminate a headache.

Take A Deep Breath

You could think that you are breathing naturally and accordingly. If you have a headache, it could mean that the head is not getting enough oxygen supply.

The reason could be that you are taking shallow breaths that do not supply oxygen to the rest of the head.

For that, you will want to take deep breaths over and over again for a few minutes. This can help to speed up the heartbeat and supply oxygen in all the required parts of the head.

Do Some Minor Exercises

Other than yoga, you can do some exercises like stretching, dropping the shoulders, among others. You can drop your shoulders about five times daily.

For instance, when you are walking or standing, you might find yourself carrying your shoulders up.

When you carry your shoulders up, you will end up causing soreness around the neck, which will cause a headache.

Drink Plenty of Water

Several headaches occur as a result of dehydration in the body. When you do not drink enough water, there will be a limited flow of blood and oxygen. So when you notice a slight headache, you will want to grab a glass of water and hydrate your body.

The best way to handle this is to have a bottle of cold water ready near you. This will help to boost the flow of blood and oxygen in the body.

Take A Rest Or A Nap

A headache can also be a result of exhaustion. If you work the entire day without having some rest, you might want to have a rest and relax the body. You can have a nap during the day, in a quiet environment.

You will also want to ensure that you have enough sleep. Check that you sleep in a comfortable room with dim or no lights.

The best place is to sleep in a silent and darkroom. Ensure that you use a soft pillow that will not cause you more headaches.


These are simpler ways of how to get rid of a headache at home. You will also want to have some plain yogurt, which will supply your body with the right minerals. Ideally, have plain yogurt that has no added sugar.

Nonetheless, if you try any of these remedies and they do not seem to work, then you will want to seek medical advice.