March 2016 is Stop Smoking Month

For the entire month of March, we ask everyone to consider quitting smoking while using V2 ecig coupons. There are several ways you can do this. The first is via an e-cigarette. The data and scientific studies have not conclusively shown that e-cigs are healthy, but it is a better alternative than to puffing carcinogens from a real cigarette. The only drawback is that you have to continue to buy “cartridges” in order to replenish your nicotine supply. Just be sure to be safe. The second route is the nicotine patch. It can be purchased over the counter and via a Doctor’s prescription. We highly recommend you speak to your physician prior to engaging in any smoking cessation therapy. The nicotine patch is placed on your body and it delivers a targeted dose of nicotine throughout the day. There are usually 3 steps: 21mg, 14mg, and finally 7mg. Each step is usually recommended you take 2 weeks to complete. The third way to help quit smoking is to see your doctor and have him/her prescribe a smoking cessation pill. The pills are designed to lessen and ultimately kill your bodys craving for nicotine. However, there can be risks associated with the pills as well. We strongly urge you to talk to your doctor to see which path is right for you. If you choose ecigs, then be aware that there are such sites as Zip2Save that offer V2 cig coupons and promos. When used properly you can get upwards of 50% off your purchase as well as free shipping.

Are e-cigs safe?

This website will serve as home base for all of our smoking cessation programs and information. We want a dedicated site to direct people to for more information on e-cigs, how to quit smoking, and the overall negative health issues tobacco can cause human beings. We will be growing this site and adding more information and articles (recent news) as time goes by. We would like to start off the month of February, 2015 with a look at e-cigarettes, or “e-cigs” as they are more commonly know. There is an ongoing national debate on the safety and subsequent regulation by the FDA. Many people are claiming that the recent debate has sparked the government (FDA) to try and regulate these devices. We are not claiming that they are safe, and regulation will most likely help, not hurt the cause. As of today, there are no regulations regarding the manufacture and usage of these “vape” devices. Most of the products are manufactured in China and there are no agreed upon set standards, such as total voltage output of the device, amount of nicotine that can be added, and even flavors used. The FDA has outlawed cigarette manufacturer companies from producing cigarettes that can appeal to children under 18. Such flavors as “bubblegum” and “grape” can be seen as a gateway for children to pick up the bad habit. However, there are no laws regarding the flavors used in e-cigs. We firmly expect small changes like this to appear sometime in 2015. Will this make them safer? Yes and no. Yes in the sense that the obvious safety issues will be regulated (eg: voltage) but there aren’t many long term scientific studies done on the safety of eCigarettes. We feel that over time, more information will come to light that could settle this debate once and for all. What is know, is that cigarettes contain well over 7,000 harmful chemicals (as identified by the FDA). Electronic Cigarettes contain but a fraction (of known harmful chemicals), and one of the biggest by products if formaldehyde. As time goes by, we will be bringing you the latest updated information on this latest craze sweeping America.

BBC Video – Trust me, I’m a doctor

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